The Visual Representation Of Invisible Information: How Do Different Visual Representations Of Invisible Information In Music Alter The Listening Experience?

Hoi Yan Patrick Cheung
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Graphic designers often use Imagery and typography to convey a message in visual communication. In dealing with abstract information, it is the designer’s job to improve the quality of the presentation and inform people of the message in a simple, easily understandable way. The combination of the semiotic image and the rhetorical type enables designers to represent a “view” for people to “see” the information in a more tangible manner. Music is abstract and invisible compared to painting. A melody doesn’t come with a visual layer. It is a challenge for the designer to create a visual representation based on the audio layer of music. The study of CD packaging design in relation to its music provides a good scenario to explore the consequence and effectiveness of adding a visual representation layer to the invisible audio body. How do different visual representations of invisible information in music alter the listening experience? The findings provide a guideline of how visual representation takes place in dealing with abstract information. The consideration, analogy and technique that are involved in determining the visual and audio connection leads us to a higher level of understanding using visual representation as a methodology in visual communication.

Keywords: Visual Representation, Visualization, Invisible Form, Methodology, User Experience
Stream: Digital, Internet and Multimedia Design
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Visual Representation Of Invisible Information, The

Hoi Yan Patrick Cheung

Senior Graphic Designer, The Decision Theater and The College of Design
The Department of Visual Communication, Arizona State University

Tempe, Arizona, USA

Hoi Yan Patrick Cheung was born into an artistic family. He was greatly interested in painting and started learning most of the fundamental painting skills since the age of five. Academically, Patrick has completed both his undergraduate degree in graphic design and a master degree in design science at Arizona State University. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate from the department of visual communication in the school of design at ASU. His research topic is focus on the theory and methodology of visual representation as a communication tool. In his eyes, Art and Design are equally important to visual expression and they are the abstract form of a timeless language. Being a designer and artist, Patrick has had the benefit of working in several environments since 1998, including two different design studios, an in-house advertising department (Fender®) and a part-time position teaching ASU graphic design foundation courses for 5 semesters. He has also founded his own art and design studio - Unfoldingidea in 2001 to support various design collateral as well as art shows. Patrick is currently a senior graphic designer at the ASU Decision Theater and his painting is represented by Meyers Art Gallery at Main Street in Scottsdale.

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